Video #5 New Zealand High Country Stag Hunt

In this video I tagged along with Blair for a hunt in the high country. Numerous animals and a good stag seen. Check it out for the full story.

Date: 13 - 17 March 2019

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Matt Vincent

Matt Vincent

Cheers Craig, Was great to meet you and Ricky. Think both Blair and I are real keen to come down and chase fallow at some point so maybe then. Hope you have been able to get out for some more roar action. Matt

12 April 201915:58

Craig Shanks

Craig Shanks

Hey Matt was an awesome week adventuring through some new country for us and seeing plenty of animals along the way. It was good to catch up with you and Blair, maybe we’ll do it all again one day soon. Some cool footage of the trip especially the ghost 10!! Happy hunting Cheers Craig

12 April 201913:56

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