MTNGear are a small business and we really care about our products working for you as it should. We manufacture our own products and therefore it is easy for us to review any warranty issues on a case by case basis to get your product working for you again as it should.


If the issue is reasonably an issue with our manufacturing we will sort it for you. This could take one of many forms such as:

  • Us sending you replacement parts.
  • You sending the product to us for repairs, or
  • Us swapping the product out.

This will depend on what the issue is and the situation. Do expect us to ask what the issue is and for photos. Please keep all the parts you can as these can generally be reused.


If the issue is a result of an accident or careless use we will do everything we can to get your product operating again at approximately parts cost that we incur. 


MTNGear is a small business making innovative products at the best price we can and therefore we do not do unlimited no questions asked lifetime warranty. We do not have enough margin on our products for this, but we will try to be reasonable. Any questions feel free to CONTACT US HERE or get in touch with us through social media.