Mountain Bipod

More Functional, Lighter Weight & Universal Attachment



$440.00 USDincl GST

Mountain Bipods

Our Mountain Bipods were designed to have the maximum amount of adjustment and functionality with the least weight specifically for the wildest of mountain hunts. We believe the Mountain Bipod will get you on target quicker in any terrain.

Our bipods are:

  • More functional.
  • Extremely compact.
  • Lighter.
  • Quick to attach and detach.
  • Can be stored on the rifle either along the barrel or down along the stock.
  • AND better value!!

Mountain Bipod Features:

  • 70 degree cant each way and up to 360 degree pan.
  • Carbon fibre legs which are adjustable from the top of the legs.
  • Quick attachment and detachment using secure universal Picatinny or ARCA rail system that will work with common industry and future MTNGear products.
  • Legs adjust outwards and forwards for increased high adjustment and usage in even the steepest of terrain. 
  • Height adjustment from 8cm (4") to 38cm (15"). Measured as the height from the ground to bottom of picatinny rail.
  • Weight:

    • Picatinny Attachment 152 grams (5.4oz).

    • Arca Attachment 161 grams (5.7oz).


Our products come in a simple carboard box that can be recycled and does not add any unnecessary cost to your backcountry mountain hunting product. You can rest assured that with MTNGear products the greatest amount of your money is going into a quality product and not to middle men or other costs that do not improve the quality of the end products.

Product of New Zealand

Terms & Conditions:

By purchasing this product, you agree that MTNGear ARE NOT LIABILE from any misuse or other issues that arise during the use of our products, you will follow all applicable laws and regulations in your jurisdiction and indemnify MTNGear from any liability to yourself, third party or any regulatory body. 

Note: Bipods do not include picatinny rail, rifles, scopes or any other accessories shown in photos.