MTNGear Tripod

Combing All The Features In To the Ultimate Hunting Tripod - Currently working on prototypes.


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Currently working on prototypes 

MTNGear are currently part way through the prototype process for what will be a unique tripod design that brings a new level of functionality in a lighter than normal package perfect for the backcountry hunter. Production is expected late in 2022.

MTNGear tripod will have the following specs:

  • Unique head design that is both good for shooting off but more importantly head movement that includes fluid damping making glassing with large optics (i.e. spotter scopes) smoother and more stable.
  • Head that accepts both Arca Swiss and Picatinny rails in a way that allows for use with any configuration.
  • Constant positive pressure system for attachment and removal. This drastically reduces the chances of accidental release. MTNGear founder Matt feels this is important as a result of a product not having this feature and user error resulting in a spotting scope going off a cliff. 
  • Max height approx 1.4m high. 
  • 3 section carbon legs.
  • Integrated leg and head design that reduces weight and size.