Stick 4.1

Walking Stick, Mountain Tool and Shooting Stick - The Ultimate Mountain Hunters Tool



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Our Stick 4.1 includes an array of features giving you a highly functional mountain tool. It has a quick detach picatinny rail mount perfect for using as a shooting stick or using to stabilize your camera in low light conditions to increase exposure time, can be used as an emergency ice axe, walking stick, to clear a campsite, camp saw with the included saw blade, dig a trench around the tent if it's raining or even a hole for taking care of business. All of these uses make it the ultimate MTN tool.

We find one of the key uses of the MTN stick is navigating steep terrain. When the pick is in the ground secured by something like plant roots it can be used to climb past those dodgy spots that would otherwise have few handholds or unstable footing. This is especially useful when carrying a heavy pack.


Difference between 4.1 and 4.0?

There are a couple of key differences:

  • An upgrade to how the pick attaches. The bolts do not need to be removed reducing the risk of these being lost and making it faster and more practical to switch between attachments.
  • Small internal upgrades to the leg locking mechanism giving more clamping power and friction increasing the load at which the leg would collapse.
  • Refinement of the foot allowing the snow basket to be attached and removed when desired.

Product features and what is included in the box:

  • The head and ground point is machined from 7075 T6 aluminum. Ground point includes a carbide tip.
  • The head includes a quick attach with a captured pin for the pick allowing for quick pick, saw or snow shovel attachment. 
  • The head includes a quick attach picatinny rail slot with a detent retaining pin.
  • Head is now sealed and stops dirt entering the tube and getting into the adjustment joint.
  • The pick and axe attachments are laser cut from high quality Scandinavian stainless steel that is approximately twice the strength of regular steel.
  • The locking mechanism is hard anodized 6061 Alloy.
  • The pole is 100% carbon fibre manufactured in a way the maximises strength and durability. 
  • Bottom leg is 25mm (1 inch) in diameter
  • Custom MTNGear wrist strap.
  • Pole saw attachment, saber saw blade and container.
  • Snow basket.


What are the sizes you offer?

  • Regular version extendable from 57.5cm to 99.5cm (22.6" to 39.2") and only weighing 562grams (19.8oz).

  • Long version extendable from 67.5cm to 119.5cm (26.6" to 47") and weighs 596grams (21oz).

Dimensions and weights are approximate and will have some minor variations.

What size is best for me?

  • If you are 5ft 10inch and under we recommend the regular version.
  • Between 5ft 10inch and 6ft it is very much going to be personal preference.
  • Over 6ft you would likely prefer the longer as it will be more effective as a walking stick.

These are general recommendations and everyone is different. Other things to consider:

  • The steeper and thicker the terrain the more likely you will favor the regular version.
  • If you will use the terrain in flatter terrain or have long walks in (e.g. up river valleys) the longer version may be more suitable.
  • Shorter is more packable and much more useful and manageable in thick scrub.
  • If unsure cut some wood too the two max lengths being approximately 98cm and 118cm. Give these a test and see what feel better. Remember that the best way to hold the MTN stick is on top of the head which makes it feel longer compared to a regular walking stick.

Taking care of your MTNGear Stick

Designed, tested and made in New Zealand

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