Tikka Bolt Handle


Right or left handed


From $90.00 USDincl GST

Titanium 3D printed Tikka T3 bolt handle

MTN have developed the worlds most high-tech bolt handle.

These are made using lasers to create incredibly strong 3D printed parts. This same process is used for making the likes of fighter jet parts and complex shapes for human bone reconstruction etc. 

While this is not a huge saving, in a weight for money comparison it is similar to that of a carbon stock or barrel.

This is a 100% unique item that will make your rifle stand out!! 

If you have more than one Tikka T3 then it will be no problem to swap between bolts as you please.


  • Factory Tikka T3/T3X bolt handle is approximately 40grams.
  • Hunter tactical bolt handle is approximately 15grams.
  • Hunter straight fluted titanium bolt handle is approximately 11grams.


This can be completed by yourself in roughly 5mins with nothing more than a small piece of metal such as a screwdriver. See video below for instructions.


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