Video #9 - Family tahr hunt

Hunting rutting tahr in New Zealand's mountains. Lizzie shoots a nice bull tahr for the floor.

Hunter dies on tahr hunt

21 year old man dies while hunting for tahr on the West Coast of New Zealand.

Geoff Kerr reviews DOC's Tahr count and its accuracy

Worth a watch if you are interested in the Tahr population and how DOC have assessed the population. DOC's estimates are not much of a count and much more a possible range using limited data which is how such a wide range (17,348 to 53,930) is given. Something that is also worth noting is how low DOC's count of deer was.

Writeup #4 - South Canterbury Tahr Rut

Queens birthday weekend means two things, the tahr are rutting and a long weekend to get after it. Matt and Coco shoot a nice bull in South Canterbury. May 2018

Writeup #1 - NY Tahr hunt

Hunting tahr in some difficult terrain over the 2017/2018 new year period. Seeing tahr climbing 300 meter bluff systems made for incredible watching and difficult hunting. Check out the article for more information about our trip and to see some of the amazing sights.